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Radiological Issues for Fukushima’s Revitalized Future

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-4-431-55848-4

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This book overviews environmental issues 4 years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, covering a wide range of areas related to radiation and radioactivity. The topics discussed are necessary to make clear the relationship between the results of research and Fukushima’s revitalized future. The chapters are divided into four parts: Part 1 presents the identification of radionuclides in soil and migration of radionuclides in the terrestrial environment; Part 2 describes the safety decontamination system and treatment of radioactive waste; Part 3 explains the development of the system of measurement of environmental radiation and evaluation of external exposure; and Part 4 discusses the identification of radionuclides in farm products, control of root uptake, identification of decreasing radionuclides by food processing, and evaluation of internal exposure.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Effects of Radiation, Radiation Protection, Environmental Management, Terrestrial Pollution, Fukushima nuclear plant accident, Radioactivity in the terrestrial environment, Radioactive waste, Environmental radiation, Radioactivity in foods, Decontamination, Environmental radioactivity, External exposure, Fukushima nuclear power stations, Internal exposure, terrestrial pollution