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Attitudes, Beliefs, Motivation and Identity in Mathematics Education : An Overview of the Field and Future Directions

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-32811-9

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This book records the state of the art in research on mathematics-related affect. It discusses the concepts and theories of mathematics-related affect along the lines of three dimensions. The first dimension identifies three broad categories of affect: motivation, emotions, and beliefs. The book contains one chapter on motivation, including discussions on how emotions and beliefs relate to motivation. There are two chapters that focus on beliefs and a chapter on attitude which cross-cuts through all these categories. The second dimension covers a rapidly fluctuating state to a more stable trait. All chapters in the book focus on trait-type affect and the chapter on motivation discusses both these dimensions. The third dimension regards the three main levels of theorizing: physiological (embodied), psychological (individual) and social. All chapters reflect that mathematics-related affect has mainly been studied using psychological

Subject: Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Psychology, Attitude, Self-efficacy, Teachers' Beliefs, Identity, Motivation, Engagement Structures, Social Behavior, Individual Factors, Social Norms