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Autonomes Fahren : Technische, rechtliche und gesellschaftliche Aspekte = Autonomous Driving : Technical, Legal and Societal Aspects

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-3-662-45854-9

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This book provides answers to a wide range of these and other questions. Experts from Germany and the USA describe central topics related to the automation of vehicles on public roads from an engineering and social science perspective. They show which "decisions" are required of an autonomous vehicle or which "ethics" must be programmed. The authors discuss expectations and concerns that characterize the individual and societal acceptance of autonomous driving. An increased safety potential through autonomous vehicles is compared to the challenges and solution approaches that play a role in securing the safety concept. In addition, they explain what possibilities for change and opportunities arise for our mobility and the reorganization of traffic, not least for freight traffic. The book thus offers an up-to-date, comprehensive and scientifically sound examination of the topic of "autonomous driving".

Subject: Computer Science and Engineering (German Language), Fahrerassistenz, Fahrzeugkonzept, Mobilität, Product Liability Issues, Robotic Mobility-on-Demand Systems, Selbstfahrendes Personentransportsystem, Sicherheitskonzept, Verkehrsmanagement, Verkehrssteuerung, Verkehrssystem, autonome Straßenfahrzeuge, autonomer Agent, autonomes Fahren, gesellschaftliche Akzeptanz, neue Mobilitätskonzepte, Driver assistance, vehicle concept, mobility, self-driving passenger transport system, safety concept, traffic management, traffic control, traffic system, autonomous road vehicles, autonomous agent, autonomous driving, social acceptance, new mobility concepts, Robotics and Automation, Community and Environmental Psychology, Commercial Law