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Mathematics Education in East Africa : Towards Harmonization and Enhancement of Education Quality

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-27258-0

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In the increasingly global and technological world mathematics is seen as a significant gatekeeper of opportunities for social and economic advancement and mobility. Hence, countries and development agencies in the broader sub-Saharan Africa region are looking towards increasing access to relevant and high-quality secondary education as a lever towards economic development. Policy makers and other key decision makers in education look towards improvement in mathematics teaching and learning as a key focus in education reform. In the East Africa region also a number of initiatives have been taken at the national level in the respective countries to improve the quality of mathematics education. This book provides an in-depth comparative analysis of the developments and issues in mathematics education in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, and advances our understanding of the state of secondary mathematics education in East Africa.

Subject: Education, Mathematics curriculum developmen, Mathematics education in sub-Saharan Africa, Challenges in teaching and learning mathematics, Harmonizing mathematics education in diverse settings, State of mathematics education in sub-Saharan Africa, Potentials in sub-Saharan African math education, Pitfalls in sub-Saharan African math education, Mathematics Education, International and Comparative Education, Education Policy