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Responsive Open Learning Environments : Outcomes of Research from the ROLE Project

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-3-319-02399-1

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This book presents the outcomes of four years of educational research in the EU-supported project called ROLE (Responsive Online Learning Environments). ROLE technology is centered around the concept of self-regulated learning that creates responsible learners, who are capable of critical thinking and able to plan their own learning processes. ROLE allows learners to independently search for appropriate learning resources and then reflect on their own learning process and progress. To accomplish this, ROLE´s main objective is to support the development of open personal learning environments (PLE's). ROLE provides a framework consisting of “enabler spaces” on the one hand and tools, content, and services on the other. Utilizing this framework, learners are invited to create their own controlled and preferred learning environments to trigger and motivate self-regulated learning.

Subject: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Education, Controlled learning environment, EU ROLE Project, OER, Open educational resources, PLE, Personal learning environments, Educational Technology