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Dynamics of soils and their engineering applications

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-000-29839-0

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Offers systematic dynamic analysis of soils and their engineering applications, including machine foundations, and aims to develop a clear understanding of the subject. It comprises sixteen chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the reader to the various problems in soil dynamics. In Chapter 2, concepts of theory of vibrations are discussed along with their applications in designing Vibration Absorbers and Pickups. Wave propagation in elastic medium including wave refraction in layered medium is covered in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 deals with the procedure of determining dynamic properties of soils using various laboratory and field tests. Dynamic earth pressures in retaining walls and dynamic bearing capacity of footings are dealt with in Chapters 5 and 6 respectively

Subject: Construction Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Loading, Vibrations, Waves, Earth Pressure, Bearing Capacity, Shallow, Foundations, Piles, Seismic, Stability Analysis, Slopes, Liquidation, Reciprocating Impact, Rotary, Isolation, Reinforced Walls, Backfill