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Re-Centring the City : Global Mutations of Socialist Modernity / Jonathan Bach and Michał Murawski

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-78735-411-1

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What is the role of monumentality, verticality and centrality in the twenty-first century? Are palaces, skyscrapers and grand urban ensembles obsolete relics of twentieth-century modernity, inexorably giving way to a more humble and sustainable de-centred urban age? Or do the aesthetics and politics of pomp and grandiosity rather linger and even prosper in the cities of today and tomorrow? Re-Centring the City zooms in on these questions, taking as its point of departure the experience of Eurasian socialist cities, where twentieth-century high modernity arguably saw its most radical and furthest-reaching realisation.

Subject: City planning - Architectural aspects, Urban communities, Sociology and anthropology, Political science and theory, Urban economics, Urban planning