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Asymmetric Organo-Metal Catalysis: Concepts, Principles, and Applications / Liu-Zhu Gong

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 3527345922

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In Asymmetric Organo-Metal Catalysis: Concepts, Principles, and Applications, accomplished chemist Liu-Zhu Gong delivers a comprehensive discussion of how to design efficient organo/metal combined catalyst systems, new cooperatively catalyzed asymmetric reactions, relay catalytic cascades, and multicomponent reactions. The distinguished author covers critical topics, like the combined catalysis of chiral phase transfer catalysts, enamine, iminium, nucleophilic Lewis base, or Bronsted acids with metal complexes, while also covering the cooperative catalysis of photocatalysts and organocatalysts.

Subject: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Methods - Synthesis & Techniques, Catalysts, Organometallic chemistry, Catalysts - Synthesis