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Ribozymes: Principles, Methods, Applications, 2 Volume Set / Sabine Müller

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 3527344543

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Ribozymes is organized into six major parts. It starts by describing general principles and strategies of nucleic acid catalysis. It then introduces naturally occurring ribozymes and includes the search for new catalytic motifs or novel genomic locations of known motifs. Next, it covers the development and design of engineered ribozymes, before moving on to DNAzymes as a close relative of ribozymes. The next part examines the use of ribozymes for medicinal and environmental diagnostics, as well as for therapeutic tools. It finishes with a look at the tools and methods in ribozyme research, including the techniques and assays for structural and functional characterization of nucleic acid catalysts.

Subject: Chemistry, Biochemistry (Chemical Biology), Catalytic RNA, Genetic regulation, Gene Expression Regulation