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Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Applications / Marvin Rausand, Stein Haugen

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 1119377234

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The book begins with an introduction of risk analysis, assessment, and management, and includes a new section on the history of risk analysis. It covers hazards and threats, how to measure and evaluate risk, and risk management. It also adds new sections on risk governance and risk-informed decision making; combining accident theories and criteria for evaluating data sources; and subjective probabilities. The risk assessment process is covered, as are how to establish context; planning and preparing; and identification, analysis, and evaluation of risk. Risk Assessment also offers new coverage of safe job analysis and semi-quantitative methods, and it discusses barrier management and HRA methods for offshore application. Finally, it looks at dynamic risk analysis, security and life-cycle use of risk.

Subject: Finance, Investment, Introductory Statistics, Applied Probability & Statistics, Engineering Statistics, Technology - Risk assessment, Risk assessment