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Semiotics and visual communication : concepts and practices / Evripides Zantides

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 9781443854689

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Within a semiotic framework, the book explores research questions under five main thematic areas: Architectural, Spatial Design-Design for Three-Dimensional Products; Design for Print Applications; Design for Screen-Based Media; Pedagogy of Visual Communication; and Visual Arts. This volume will be an asset for people who have an interest in semiotics, not only from a theoretical and historical perspective, but also from an applied point of view, looking at how semiotic theory can be implemented into educational research, design and visual communication practice. The book provides 25 essential contributions that demonstrate how the concepts and theories of semiotics can be creatively adapted within the interdisciplinary nature of visual communication.

Subject: Visual communication, Semiotics and art, Sémiotique et art -, Semiotics -- semiology