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Building Systems in Interior Design / Sam Hurt

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 9781138723368

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takes an entirely new approach to teaching this essential topic for Architects, Designers and Building Engineers. Written to prepare students for the real world and packed with practical examples, the book will foster an understanding of specific issues that are critical to those features of technical systems that most directly affect design. The book stresses the ever-present nature of these systems: they are everywhere, all the time. Taking a design oriented view, it outlines what can and cannot be done, and provides the student with the know-how and confidence to defend and promote their design intent when working with other industry professionals.

Subject: Buildings, Buildings -- Mechanical equipment, Buildings -- Electric equipment, Construction Engineering, Building Services Engineering, Structural Engineering, Interior Design, Design, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Structure, Materials and Detailing, Building Acoustics, Building Techniques, Construction Materials, Electrical Installation, Fire Protection & Safety, Green Construction, Plumbing and Gas Installation, Structural Engineering, Mining Construction, Acoustical Engineering