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The Art and Science of Color in Holistic Interior Design: A Crash Course / Amychristine Lindenau

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 9798699510498

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Color sets the mood, and choosing a harmonious color palette for your interior design project is key to establishing the overarching theme, mood, and ambience of your design vision. The color consultation is an opportunity to explore your design vision with an experienced professional in order to create a custom curated room color palette that authentically reflects your style and clearly communicates overarching design themes.Choosing and combining colors in interior design requires a background in color theory and at least a little glimpse into the science of why we see different colors the way we do. That's because this technical knowledge is what allows a designer to create meaningful and striking color combinations or even manipulate light and color to create near-illusions, such as making a space appear larger, making the ceiling appear higher or lower, or even tricking the eye into perceiving two different colors as the same.

Subject: Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Decoration,