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Vitamin E in Human Health / Peter Weber, Marc Birringer, Jeffrey B. Blumberg, Manfred Eggersdorfer, Jan Frank

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-05315-4

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Examines the role of vitamin E as an essential micronutrient in human health and its extensive clinical benefits. Sections cover a wide breadth of topics, including vitamin E intake and recommended daily allowance, understanding the biological activities of Vitamin E and observed physiological effects, benefits of vitamin E on upper respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, age-related macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, and intake safety. The text serves to emphasize the importance of vitamin E in relation to disease prevention as well as to raise awareness of the number of health conditions where an increased intake of vitamin E can be of potential significance. It explores vitamin E in an up-to-date, science based, applicable real-life perspective and offers pragmatic solutions for its safe and personalized use beyond the various methodological and statistical controversies.

Subject: Nutrition, Food Science, Nutritional Physiological Phenomena, Vitamin E and Hormones, Vitamin E in Fetal Development, Vitamin E in the Brain, Apha-tocopherol Transfer Protein, Vitamin E and Drug Interactions, Vitamin E and Pregnancy, Vitamin E and Obesity, Vitamin E and Insulin Sensitivity