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Dentofacial Anomalies : Implications for Voice and Wind Instrument Performance / bdul Latif Hamdan, Robert Thayer Sataloff, Valerie Trollinger, Mary J. Hawkshaw

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-69109-7

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Discusses how dentofacial anomalies affect voice and wind instrument playing with emphasis on upper airway space shape and volume Comprehensively reviews the anatomy and physiology of phonation, with guidelines on the work-up of patients with voice disorders Provides a concise and well-focused description of the common orthodontic disorders, both skeletal and non-skeletal, and their means of diagnosis and treatment

Subject: Dentistry, Otorhinolaryngology, Family Medicine, Jaws -- Surgery, Dentofacial Deformities -- surgery, Orthodontic Diagnosis, Dentofacial Anomalies, Orthodontic Treatment, Physiology of Voice, Orthodontic Disorders, Cephalometric Analyses, Upper Airway Morphology, Professional Voice Users, Wind Instrumentalists