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Biomarkers as Targeted Herbal Drug Discovery : A Pharmacological Approach to Nanomedicines / Mahfoozur Rahman, Sarwar Beg, Mazin A. Zamzami, Hani Choudhry, Aftab Ahmad, Khalid S. Alharbi

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 9781771889025

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Looks at the applications of biomarkers as important tools for herbal drug discovery, presenting research on phytoconstituents with advanced nanotechnological applications for healthcare benefits. Herbal drug discovery based on biomarkers is an emerging area in complementary and alternative medicine that has tremendous potential in healthcare. Conventional medications have limited efficacy and high toxicity, whereas herbal drugs are said to provide wide structural diversity that is not usually seen with conventional/synthetic drug molecules. Recognition of various herbal constituents, such as terpenoids, fatty acids, flavonoids and steroids, are well explored in the management and treatment of various disorders in this volume. These agents target various biomarkers such as nitric oxide (NO), cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules, NF- kβ, lipoxygenase (LOX), and arachidonic acid. Reviews the literature on inflammatory biomarkers in the treatment of diseases Looks at the development of herbal drug discovery based on biomarkers Explores emerging concepts of nanomedicines for herbal drug delivery Takes an interdisciplinary approach, with application to disciplines related to medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, Ayurvedic, Unani and biomedical engineering fields

Subject: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Biochemical markers, Nanomedicine, Herbs -- Therapeutic use, Inflammatory Biomarkers, Herbal Drug Discovery, Curcumin Nanomedicines, Ursolic Acid, Phytoconstituent-Centered Byproducts, Delivery of Herbal Cardiovascular Drugs, Long-Term Toxicity and Regulations, Resveratrol-Loaded Phytomedicines, Thymoquinone-Loaded Nanocarriers, Herbal medicine, Herbal drugs