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Vitamin C in Human Health and Disease : Effects, Mechanisms of Action, and New Guidance on Intake / Wang Jae Lee

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-94-024-1713-5

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Presents the scientific evidence on the effects of vitamin C Clarifies mechanism of action and benefits Provides new guidance on daily vitamin C intake Presents the scientific evidence for the role of vitamin C in health and disease and offers new guidance on vitamin C intake in humans. The importance of vitamin C in preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease, its relevance to aging and stress, and its impacts on each of the human body systems are thoroughly assessed on the basis of the author’s extensive research and his deep understanding, as an anatomy professor, of the body as a whole. Findings published in the international scientific literature are fully taken into account, and due consideration is also given to empirical evidence, bearing in mind that mechanisms of action cannot always be precisely defined in the absence of human experiments. Beyond providing an up-to-date scientific perspective on the effects of vitamin C, the author hopes to promote human health worldwide by encouraging proper use of the vitamin. To this end, recommendations are made on the amount of vitamin C that should be taken daily and on the best way to take it. The book will be of interest to researchers, clinicians, and all others who wish to learn more about this vitamin and its significance.

Subject: Pharmacology, Human physiology, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Biochemistry, Cancer Biology, Preventive Medicine, Antioxidant, Cancer, Cardiovacular disease, Vitamin C, Recommended dose, Immune system, Systematic, Cofactors