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Teeth / B. K. B. Berkovitz, A. Boyde, R. M. Frank, H. J. Höhling, B. J. Moxham, J. Nalbandian, C. H. Tonge

Publication year: 1989

ISBN: 978-3-642-83496-7

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Contains comprehensive and detailed coverage of the current state of knowledge about the development, structure, ultrastructure and chemistry of the various components of teeth. It will become the standard work on the subject for clinicians and researchers in dentistry. Emphasis is on the human tooth, although comparative anatomical aspects are also considered. After a general survey of the development of teeth, the changes in tissue at eruption, the structure, ultrastructure and chemistry of dentin, dental pulp and tooth enamel are reviewed, together with special aspects of tooth mineralisation. Important hints as to methods for the technically complicated examination of tooth enamel are given. Impressive original illustrations of the structure of enamel are presented to their best advantage and contribute to the overall value of this distinguished handbook.

Subject: Dentistry, Anatomy, Bone, Pathology, Tissue, Dentine, Pulp, Dental Tissues, Human anatomy