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Regulated Bioanalysis: Fundamentals and Practice / Mario L. Rocci Jr., Stephen Lowes

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-54802-9

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Covers the fundamental and practical aspects of regulated bioanalysis. The editors are seeking leading scientists in the field to participate in the development of this book, which we envision as a “one of a kind” contribution to our field. The book is intended for students in the pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, biology and related scientific disciplines interested in bioanalysis, as well as working scientists new to the field of regulated bioanalysis. It will also serve as a primer for those experienced in the field. The depth of the book will seek to give its audience a solid foundation of knowledge in regulated bioanalysis which can be leveraged further with “hands on” experience. Understanding that bioanalytical global regulations evolve, the book is not intended as a deep-dive into regulatory language nuances but rather to be an educational text on conducting defendable and auditable science to support modern bioanalysis.

Subject: Pharmacutics, Pharmaceutical sciences, Bioanalytical, Biology, Chemistry, Laboratory documentation, Medicine, Pharmaceutical technology, Biomedicine, Drugs -- Analysis