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Adhesion in Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, and Dental Fields / K. L. Mittal, F. M. Etzle

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 1119323509

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The phenomenon of adhesion is of cardinal importance in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and dental fields. A few eclectic examples will suffice to underscore the importance/relevance of adhesion in these three areas. For example, the adhesion between powdered solids is of crucial importance in tablet manufacture. The interaction between biodevices (e.g., stents, bio-implants) and body environment dictates the performance of such devices, and there is burgeoning research activity in modifying the surfaces of such implements to render them compatible with bodily components. In the field of dentistry, the modern trend is to shift from retaining of restorative materials by mechanical interlocking to adhesive bonding.

Subject: Dentistry, Dental bonding, Dental treatment, Dental materials, Dental adhesives joints, Adhesion in the Pharmaceutical Fields, Adhesives - Dentistry, Adhesion in the Biomedical Fields, Adhesion in the Dental Fields, Dental Adhesives