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Intelligent Network Management and Control: Intelligent Security, Multi-criteria Optimization, Cloud Computing, Internet of Vehicles, Intelligent Radio / Badr Benmammar

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 178945008X

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The management and control of networks can no longer be envisaged without the introduction of artificial intelligence at all stages. Deals with topical issues related mainly to intelligent security of computer networks, deployment of security services in SDN (software-defined networking), optimization of networks using artificial intelligence techniques and multi-criteria optimization methods for selecting networks in a heterogeneous environment. Focuses on selecting cloud computing services, intelligent unloading of calculations in the context of mobile cloud computing, intelligent resource management in a smart grid-cloud system for better energy efficiency, new architectures for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the application of artificial intelligence in cognitive radio networks and intelligent radio input to meet the on-road communication needs of autonomous vehicles.

Subject: Computer networks -- Security measures, Network security, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Intelligent Security of Computer Networks, Machne learning, SDN-based Networks, Network Optimization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Communication Architectures, Internet of Vehicles, Intelligent Radio Communications, Cognitive Radio Networks,