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Algorithms in Bioinformatics: Theory and Implementation / Paul A. Gagniuc

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 1119697964

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Explores a comprehensive and insightful treatment of the practical application of bioinformatic algorithms in a variety of fields Delivers a fulsome treatment of some of the main algorithms used to explain biological functions and relationships. It introduces readers to the art of algorithms in a practical manner which is linked with biological theory and interpretation. The book covers many key areas of bioinformatics, including global and local sequence alignment, forced alignment, detection of motifs, Sequence logos, Markov chains or information entropy. Other novel approaches are also described, such as Self-Sequence alignment, Objective Digital Stains (ODSs) or Spectral Forecast and the Discrete Probability Detector (DPD) algorithm. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: A detailed presentation of new methods, such as Self-sequence alignment, Objective Digital Stains and Spectral Forecast A treatment of sequence alignment, including local sequence alignment, global sequence alignment and forced sequence alignment with full implementations Discussions of position-specific weight matrices, including the count, weight, relative frequencies, and log-likelihoods matrices A detailed presentation of the methods related to Markov Chains as well as a description of their implementation in Bioinformatics and adjacent fields An examination of information and entropy, including sequence logos and explanations related to their meaning A chapter on philosophical transactions that allows the reader a broader view of the prediction process Extensive worked examples with detailed case studies that point out the meaning of different results

Subject: Bioinformatics, Data Analysis, Computational Biology, Markov Chains -- The Machine, Markov Chains -- Log Likelihood, Spectral Forecast,