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Threat Hunting in the Cloud: Defending AWS, Azure and Other Cloud Platforms Against Cyberattacks / Chris Peiris, Binil Pillai, Abbas Kudrati

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 111980406X

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You'll discover how to build a side-by-side cybersecurity fusion center on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and deliver a multi-cloud strategy for enterprise customers. And you will find out how to create a vendor-neutral environment with rapid disaster recovery capability for maximum risk mitigation. With this book you'll learn: Key business and technical drivers of cybersecurity threat hunting frameworks in today's technological environment Metrics available to assess threat hunting effectiveness regardless of an organization's size How threat hunting works with vendor-specific single cloud security offerings and on multi-cloud implementations A detailed analysis of key threat vectors such as email phishing, ransomware and nation state attacks Comprehensive AWS and Azure "how to" solutions through the lens of MITRE Threat Hunting Framework Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) Azure and AWS risk mitigation strategies to combat key TTPs such as privilege escalation, credential theft, lateral movement, defend against command & control systems, and prevent data exfiltration Tools available on both the Azure and AWS cloud platforms which provide automated responses to attacks, and orchestrate preventative measures and recovery strategies Many critical components for successful adoption of multi-cloud threat hunting framework such as Threat Hunting Maturity Model, Zero Trust Computing, Human Elements of Threat Hunting, Integration of Threat Hunting with Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and Cyber Fusion Centers The Future of Threat Hunting with the advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing and the proliferation of IoT devices.

Subject: Computer security, Internet -- Security measures, Cloud computing -- Security measures, Threat Hunting, MITRE Key Attack Vectors, Microsoft Azure Cloud Threat Prevention, Cybersecurity, AWS Cloud Threat Prevention Framework, AWS Reference Architecture,