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Concepts and Semantics of Programming Languages 1: A Semantical Approach with OCaml and Python / Therese Hardin, Mathieu Jaume, Francois Pessaux, Veronique Viguie Donzeau-Gouge

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 1786305305

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Explores the syntactical constructs of the most common programming languages, and sheds a mathematical light on their semantics, while also providing an accurate presentation of the material aspects that interfere with coding. It is dedicated to functional and imperative features. Included is the formal study of the semantics of typing and execution; their acquisition is facilitated by implementation into OCaml and Python, as well as by worked examples. Data representation is considered in detail: endianness, pointers, memory management, union types and pattern-matching, etc., with examples in OCaml, C and C++. The second volume introduces a specific model for studying modular and object features and uses this model to present Ada and OCaml modules, and subsequently Java, C++, OCaml and Python classes and objects.

Subject: Programming, Software Development, Programming languages (Electronic computers) -- Semantics, OCaml (Computer program language), Python (Computer program language), Semantics of Programming Languages, Semantics of Functional Features, Semantics of Imperative Features, Data Types, Pointers and Memory Management,