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Semantic Web for Effective Healthcare Systems / Vishal Jain, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Ankita Bansal, Abha Jain

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 1119762294

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Summarizes the trends and current research advances in web semantics, delineating the existing tools, techniques, methodologies, and research solutions Analyzes the current status on how the semantic web is used to solve health data integration and interoperability problems, and how it provides advanced data linking capabilities that can improve search and retrieval of medical data. Chapters analyze the tools and approaches to semantic health data analysis and knowledge discovery. The book discusses the role of semantic technologies in extracting and transforming healthcare data before storing it in repositories. It also discusses different approaches for integrating heterogeneous healthcare data. This innovative book offers: The first of its kind and highlights only the ontology driven information retrieval mechanisms and techniques being applied to healthcare as well as clinical information systems; Presents a comprehensive examination of the emerging research in areas of the semantic web; Discusses studies on new research areas including ontological engineering, semantic annotation and semantic sentiment analysis; Helps readers understand key concepts in semantic web applications for the biomedical engineering and healthcare fields; Includes coverage of key application areas of the semantic web.

Subject: Medical informatics, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Systems, Robotic Surgery, Precision Medicine, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Data Analysis,