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Website Design and Development with HTML5 and CSS3 / Hassen Ben Rebah, Hafedh Boukthir, Antoine Chedebois

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 1786306964

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Aimesat both beginners who want to design their first website, and experienced developers who want to consolidate their technical skills. Addresses the theoretical aspects of HTML5 and CSS3, including: HTML elements, semantic containers, semantic text formatting, multimedia elements, forms, tables, definition and integration of CSS styles, text formatting, and container and box styles. It also encompasses a practical section which presents the process of creating a website, as well as the key rules to apply in order to not only achieve project success, but also to meet user needs. Illustrated by numerous examples, this book includes corrected practical work, structured according to an evolutionary logic ranging from the design of a simple HTML5 page to the creation of a professional website.

Subject: Web Site Development, HTML, Website design,