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Wireless Security Architecture: Designing and Maintaining Secure Wireless for Enterprise / Jennifer Minella, Stephen Orr

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 1119883059

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Offers readers an essential guide to planning, designing, and preserving secure wireless infrastructures. It is a blueprint to a resilient and compliant architecture that responds to regulatory requirements, reduces organizational risk, and conforms to industry best practices. This book emphasizes WiFi security, as well as guidance on private cellular and Internet of Things security. It also includes: Concrete strategies suitable for organizations of all sizes, from large government agencies to small public and private companies Effective technical resources and real-world sample architectures Explorations of the relationships between security, wireless, and network elements Practical planning templates, guides, and real-world case studies demonstrating application of the included concepts

Subject: Wireless communication systems, Communication systems security measures, Computer security, Computer architecture.