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Digitization of Healthcare Data using Blockchain / T. Poongodi, D. Sumathi, B. Balamurugan, K. S. Savita

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 111979272X

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Gives a detailed description of the integration of blockchain technology for Electronic Health Records and provides the research challenges to consider in various disciplines such as supply chain, drug discovery, and data management. he aim of the book is to investigate the concepts of blockchain technology and its association with the recent development and advancements in the medical field. Moreover, it focuses on the integration of workflow strategies like NLP, and AI which could be adopted for boosting the clinical documentation and electronic healthcare records (EHR) usage by bringing down the physician EHR data entry. Also, the book covers the usage of smart contracts for securing patient records. Digitization of Healthcare Data Using Blockchain presents the practical implementations that deal with developing a web framework for building highly usable healthcare applications, a simple blockchain-powered EHR system.

Subject: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Deep lerning, Data mining, Machine learning, Quantum technology, Blockchain, Electronic health records, Data processing, Data digitization, Big data,