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Software Defined Networks: Architecture and Applications / Anand Nayyar, Preeti Nagrath, Bhawna Singla

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 1119857309

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Software defined networking (SDN) is an architecture designed to make a network more flexible and easier to manage. SDN has been widely adopted across data centers, WANs, and access networks and serves as a foundational element of a comprehensive intent-based networking (IBN) architecture. Although SDN has so far been limited to automated provisioning and configuration, IBN now adds “translation” and “assurance” so that the complete network cycle can be automated, continuously aligning the network to business needs. In 14 chapters, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of an SDN-based network as a scalable distributed system running on commodity hardware. The reader will have a one-stop reference looking into the applications, architectures, functionalities, virtualization, security, and privacy challenges connected to SDN.

Subject: Computer Science, Networking, Software architecture, Network architecture