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Drug Selectivity: An Evolving Concept in Medicinal Chemistry / Norbert Handler, Helmut Buschmann, Raimund Mannhold, Jörg Holenz

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 3527335382

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Provides a current overview and comprehensive compilation for medicinal chemists that discusses the effects of aiming for multiple targets on the entire drug development process. The result is a broad survey of current and future strategies for drug selectivity in medicinal chemistry with theoretical but also practical aspects. Different strategies are presented and evaluated, such as various design approaches, merged multiple ligands, discovery technologies and a broad range of successful examples of unselective drugs taken from all major disease areas. With its wide-ranging view of an emerging new paradigm in drug development, this handbook is of prime importance for every medicinal and pharmaceutical chemist.

Subject: Drug development, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Drugs -- Design, Pharmacology, , Drug design, Dosage form, Drug formulation, Drug delivery