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Herbal Bioactive-Based Drug Delivery Systems ; 1st edition /Inderbir Bakshi, Rajni Bala, Reecha Madaan, Rakesh Sindhu

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780128243855

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Provides a wide-ranging, in-depth resource for herbal bioactives, including detailed discussion of standardization and regulations. The book first explores specific drug delivery systems such as gastrointestinal, ocular, pulmonary, transdermal, and vaginal and rectal. It then discusses novel applications for nano, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, wound healing and cancer treatment. Finally, there is a section focusing on standardization and regulation which includes an enhancement of properties. This book is an essential resource for pharmacologists, pharmaceutical scientists, material scientists, botanists, and all those interested in natural products and drug delivery systems developments.

Subject: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Herbal bioactives, Natural products,