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Systems Engineering of Software-Enabled Systems / Richard E. Fairley

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 1119535018

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Presents an approach to developing software-enabled systems that integrates the incremental approach used by systems engineers and the iterative approach used by software engineers. This unique approach is based on developing system capabilities that will provide the features, behaviors, and quality attributes needed by stakeholders, based on model-based system architecture. In addition, the author covers the management activities that a systems engineer or software engineer must engage in to manage and lead the technical work to be done. This important book: Offers an approach to improving the process of working with systems engineers and software engineers Contains information on the planning and estimating, measuring and controlling, managing risk, and organizing and leading systems engineering teams Includes a discussion of the key points of each chapter and exercises for review Suggests numerous references that provide additional readings for development of software-enabled physical systems Provides two case studies as running examples throughout the text

Subject: Systems Engineering, Software Engineering,