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Trophies of Victory: Public Building in Periklean Athens / T. Leslie Shear Jr.

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 9780691170572

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Greek military victories at Marathon, Salamis, and Plataia during the Persian Wars profoundly shaped fifth-century politics and culture. Examines each building in detail, including its archaeological reconstruction, architectural design, sculptural decoration, chronology, and construction history. Shear emphasizes the Parthenon's revolutionary features and how they influenced smaller contemporary temples. He examines inscriptions that show how every aspect of public works was strictly controlled by the Athenian Assembly. In the case of the buildings on the Acropolis and the Telesterion at Eleusis, he looks at accounts of their overseers, which illuminate the administration, financing, and organization of public works.

Subject: Architecture, History of architecture, Old buildings, Pericles, -- approximately 495 B.C.-429 B.C, Nationalism and architecture -- Greece -- Athens, Athens (Greece) -- Buildings, structures, etc.