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Parametric design for landscape architects : computational techniques and workflows / Andrew Madl

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780367195304

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Provides a sequence of tutorial-based workflows for the creation and utilization of algorithmic tools calibrated towards the field of landscape architecture. Contemporary practice and projective theory in landscape architecture requires the processing and design of data associated with complex systems to adequately represent composite, emergent scenarios. Aligning to both traditional and nascent processes of analysis and digital modeling, this book unpacks and decodes the characterization of algorithmic-based automation, leveraging software that is widely accessible in both academia and professional practice. Curated throughout are workflows that apply to a multiplex of computation programs that widely support the design, analysis, and production of landscapes, primarily concentrated on digital modeling tools Grasshopper and Rhinoceros. It is a much-needed, visually accessible, resource to aid in more efficient understanding and creation of tools that automate and re-examine traditional calculations, analyses, drawing standards, form-finding strategies, fabrication preparations, and speculative assessments/simulation.

Subject: Architecture, Architectural structure, Architectural design, Landscape design -- Data processing, Landscape architecture -- Computer programs,