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olution Sets for Net Zero Energy Buildings: Feedback from 30 Buildings Worldwide / Françios Garde, Joseph Ayoub, Laura Aelenei, Daniel Aelenei, Alessandra Scognamiglio

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 3433030723

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Presents a unique study of 30 NZEBs that have been constructed and have had their performance measured for at least 12 months. The study is based upon an international collaborative research initiated by the International Energy Agency. It is the first book to evaluate building strategies in houses, educational buildings and offices that have been demonstrated to work in practice. It examines how the design challenges of climate and building type have been addressed, and to what extent the various design approaches have been successful. This book presents convincing evidence that a careful re-thinking of conventional design norms can achieve a far greater performance benefit than is normally feasible. It identifies 'solution sets' that work at the whole building level and at the individual building design challenge level for each climate and building type. In doing so, the book provides guidance as to how to improve the design by learning from these cases. Unusually for a book of this type it has examples of buildings in what are conventionally labeled 'hot' and 'cold' climates.

Subject: Civil Engineering, Construction engineering, Constructional Physics, Energy Reduction, Buildings Energy conservation, Dwellings Energy conservation, Sustainable buildings, Building architecture, Building design, Net zero energy building