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Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces, 4th Edition / Maureen Mitton, Courtney Nystuen

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 1119653428

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A practical guide to residential space planning, in this room-by-room guide with up-to-date info on accessibility, ergonomics, and building systems. A guide for interior design students and early-career professionals seeking a handbook for the design of livable, functional, and beautiful spaces. It includes hundreds of drawings and photographs that illustrate key concepts in interior design, as well as room-by-room coverage of applicable building codes and sustainability standards. The authors also cover all-new applications of smart building technology and updated residential building codes and accessibility standards. The book also includes: A thorough introduction to the design of interior residential spaces, including discussions of accessibility, universal design, visibility, sustainability, ergonomics, and organizational flow In-depth examinations of kitchens, bathrooms, and the fundamentals of residential building construction and structure Comprehensive explorations of entrances and circulation spaces, including foyer and entry areas, vertical movement, and electrical and mechanical considerations Practical discussions of bedrooms, leisure spaces, utility, and workspaces An overview of human behavior and culture related to housing Updates made to reflect changes in the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC)

Subject: Architectural design, Entrances and Circulation Spaces design, Social and Leisure Spaces design, Kitchens design, Bedrooms design, Bathrooms design, Utility and Workspaces design, Residential Construction, Interior design, Interior architecture