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Applying the Building Code: Step-by-Step Guidance for Design and Building Professionals / Ronald L. Geren

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 1118920759

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The IBC and its complementary codes provide design and construction professionals with a complete set of comprehensive, coordinated building safety and fire prevention regulations in order to safeguard the public health and general welfare of the occupants of new and existing buildings and structures. Adopted throughout most of the United States and its territories, it is referenced by federal agencies, such as the General Services Administration, National Park Service, Department of State, U.S. Forest Service, and the Department of Defense. For architects and other design and construction professionals, it is particularly important that they understand how to apply the IBC and how code officials view buildings, so that they integrate code-required provisions in the earliest design stages of any project.

Subject: Architecture, Building Design, Building architecture, Building Codes, Structure design, Building data,