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Typographic Design: Form and Communication / Rob Carter, Sandra Maxa, Mark Sanders, Philip B. Meggs, Ben Day

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 1119312566

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A definitive reference for graphic designers, providing a comprehensive introduction to the visual word. Done well, typopgraphy can communicate so much more than the words themselves. Typographic design determines how you feel about a message, the associations you make, and ultimately, the overall success of the communication. Typographic design extends from the page to the screen, and is a critical element of almost any graphic design project. This book provides essential guidance on everything related to type: from letterforms and negative space, to messaging, processes, and history, aspiring designers will find great utility in mastering these critical concepts.

Subject: Graphic Design, Typography, Anatomy of Typography, Typographic Grid, Typographic Message, Typographic Technology, Typographic Design, Type Specimens,