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Design Graphics: Drawing Techniques for Design Professionals / Peter A. Koenig

Publication year: 2012

ISBN: 013713696X

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Combines–in a single volume–simple techniques and skills related to sketching, design-development, and the schematic or preliminary phase of design presentation. Emphasizing drawing as a mental as well as physical exercise, the text helps students draw designs on paper faster and easier, showing them how visual communication with clients can provide better, more economical design solutions. Practical, straightforward, and reader-friendly, Design Graphics provides more complete coverage of the basics, making concepts and techniques accessible to students with highly diversified educational and technical backgrounds.

Subject: Graphic design, Interior design, Line, Light, Texture, DESIGN DRAWING, Conceptual Diagrams, Doodle Diagrams, Perspective Drawing, DRAWING PROCESS, One-Point Eyeball Perspective, Two-Point Eyeball Perspective, Overlay Method, Entourage for Final Drawings, Presentation