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Design Added Value : How Design Increases Value for Architects and Engineers / Ömer Akın

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-28860-0

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Enables architects, engineers, contractors and owner-clients of buildings to benefit from extraordinary design and construction features. It explains the rationale and motivation for D-AV methodology, outlines and illustrates this methodology with examples, provides complete and detailed examples of how the key analysis techniques work through historical case studies, and describes specific methods used in application of the D-AV methodology, such as Bayesian statistics, cost benefit analysis, pairwise comparison techniques, cognitive walkthroughs, and optimization.

Subject: Engineering Design, Building Construction Building Design, Building Repair and Maintenance, Industrial Management, Added Value Architectural Engineering, Bayesian Probability Estimates Benchmarking, Building Assessment Capital Projects, Case Based Learning Construction, Cost-Benefit Analysis Creativity and innovation, Design Added Value Analysis, Early stages of design Elicitation Methods, Extreme Design, Post-Facto Analysis, Pre-Facto Analysis, Scaling Ordinal Values, Engineering Economics