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Hands-on Question Answering Systems with BERT : Applications in Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing / Navin Sabharwal

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-4842-6664-9

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Begins with an overview of the technology landscape behind BERT. It takes you through the basics of NLP, including natural language understanding with tokenization, stemming, and lemmatization, and bag of words. Next, you’ll look at neural networks for NLP starting with its variants such as recurrent neural networks, encoders and decoders, bi-directional encoders and decoders, and transformer models. Along the way, you’ll cover word embedding and their types along with the basics of BERT. After this solid foundation, you’ll be ready to take a deep dive into BERT algorithms such as masked language models and next sentence prediction. You’ll see different BERT variations followed by a hands-on example of a question answering system. You will: Examine the fundamentals of word embeddings Apply neural networks and BERT for various NLP tasks Develop a question-answering system from scratch Train question-answering systems for your own data

Subject: Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Programming Language, Natural Language Processing, BERT, Natural Language Understanding, Encoders, Bi Dorectional Encoders, Word Embedding, Sentence Encoder, Language Translation, Neural Networks, Bi-directional Encoder Representation