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Algorithms on Trees and Graphs : With Python Code / Gabriel Valiente

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-81885-2

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Introduces graph algorithms on an intuitive basis followed by a detailed exposition using structured pseudocode, with correctness proofs as well as worst-case analyses. Centered around the fundamental issue of graph isomorphism, the content goes beyond classical graph problems of shortest paths, spanning trees, flows in networks, and matchings in bipartite graphs. Advanced algorithmic results and techniques of practical relevance are presented in a coherent and consolidated way. Numerous illustrations, examples, problems, exercises, and a comprehensive bibliography support students and professionals in using the book as a text and source of reference. Furthermore, Python code for all algorithms presented is given in an appendix. Topics and features: Algorithms are first presented on an intuitive basis, followed by a detailed exposition using structured pseudocode Correctness proofs are given, together with a worst-case analysis of the algorithms Full implementation of all the algorithms in Python An extensive chapter is devoted to the algorithmic techniques used in the book Solutions to all the problems

Subject: Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Python, C++, Matchings, Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Computer Science, Data Structures, Optimization, Programming