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Airport Building Information Modelling / Ozan Koseoglu, Yusuf Arayici

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 9781138329331

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Details how Building Information Modelling is being successfully deployed in the planning, design, construction and future operation of the Istanbul New Airport, a mega-scale construction project incorporating a varying mix of infrastructures including terminals, runways, passenger gates, car parks, railways and roads. The book demonstrates how Airport Building Information Modelling (ABIM) is being used to: • facilitate collaboration, cooperation and integrated project delivery • manage subcontractors and eliminate cost over-runs • reduce waste on site and enhance overall quality • connect people in a virtual environment to encourage collaborative working • provide clients with an effective interface for lifecycle management including: design development, construction documentation, construction phases and BIM and Big Data Integration for future facilities management

Subject: Construction Engineering, Building Project Management, Digital Architecture, Transportation Engineering, Building Techniques, Construction Management, CAD, CAE, CAM, Computing & Information Technology, Project Management, Engineering Project Management, Mining ConstructionAirport design and construction, Concurrent design