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Money, Banking, and Financial Markets : A Modern Introduction to Macroeconomics / Dale K. Cline, Sandeep Mazumder

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9781032170268

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Introduction to money, banking, and financial markets, with a special emphasis on the importance of confidence and trust in the macroeconomic system. It also presents the theory of endogenous money creation, in contrast to the standard money multiplier and fractional reserve explanation found in other textbooks. The U.S. economy and financial institutions are used to explain the theoretical and practical framework, with international examples weaved in throughout the text. It covers key topics including monetary policy, fiscal policy, accounting principles, credit creation, central banks, and government treasuries. Additionally, the book considers the international economy, including exchange rates, the Eurozone, Chinese monetary policy, and reserve currencies. Taking a broad look at the financial system, it also looks at banking regulation, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and the oil and gold commodity markets. Students are supported with chapter objectives, key terms, and problems.

Subject: Finance, Financial markets, Macroeconomics, Credit & Credit Institutions, Monetary Economics, International Economics, Public Finance, Budgetary & Economic Policy