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Sustainable Concrete Made with Ashes and Dust from Different Sources / Rafat Siddique and Rafik Belarbi

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 9780128240502

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Focuses on individual materials, addressing material characterization, their role in the strength and durability of construction materials, and structural applications. Each chapter reflects the current state-of-the-art in terms of the effective and efficient use of the material. Types of ashes covered are Coal Fly Ash, Coal Bottom Ash, Bagasse Ash, MSW Ash, Red Mud, Waste Marble Dust, Sewage Sludge Ash, and Cement Kiln Dust. This book is useful for civil engineers in the design and development of sustainable concrete by utilizing such types of ashes and researchers involved in the design and formulation of new cementitious materials.

Subject: Concrete, Building materials, Coal Fly Ash, Coal Bottom Ash, Rice Husk Ash, MSW Ash, Bagasse Ash, Sewage Sludge Ash, Palm Oil Fuel Ash, Volcanic Ash, Wood Ash, Cement Kiln Dust, Waste Marble Dust, Quarry Dust, Lime Stone Dust, Red Mud, Paper Sludge Ash