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Mechanics of Civil Engineering Structures / Laszlo Kollar, Gabriella Tarjan

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 9780128203217

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Presents the material needed by practicing engineers engaged in the design of civil engineering structures, and students of civil engineering. The book covers the fundamental principles of mechanics needed to understand the responses of structures to different types of load and provides the analytical and empirical tools for design. The title presents the mechanics of relevant structural elements—including columns, beams, frames, plates and shells—and the use of mechanical models for assessing design code application. Eleven chapters cover topics including stresses and strains; elastic beams and columns; inelastic and composite beams and columns; temperature and other kinematic loads; energy principles; stability and second-order effects for beams and columns; basics of vibration; indeterminate elastic-plastic structures; plates and shells.

Subject: Mechanics of civil engineering, Stresses and Strains, Elastic Beams and Columns, Inelastic, Composite Beams, Kinematic Loads, Vibration, Elastic-plastic Structures, Plates, Shells