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Behavior and Design of High-Strength Constructional Steel / Guo-Qiang Li and Yan-Bo Wang

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 9780081029312

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Presents readers with extensive information on the behavior of high-strength constructional steels, providing them with the confidence they need to use them in a safe and economic manner to design and construct steel structures. The book includes detailed discussions on the mechanical properties of HHS while explaining the latest progress in research and design guidelines, including material properties at ambient and elevated temperatures. In addition, the book explains the behavior of elementary members subject to different types of loads and load combinations, and those that are integral to the design of bolted and welded connections.

Subject: Construction engineering, Steel constructiopn, Material properties, Analysis of high-strength steels, Constructional steel, Hysteretic behavior, Bolted connections, Welded connections,