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Information Security Handbook / Noor Zaman Jhanjhi, Khalid Hussain, Mamoona Humayun, Azween Bin Abdullah, João Manuel R.S. Tavares

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780367365721

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Provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge for emerging multidisciplinary research areas such as cybersecurity, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI. This book brings together, in one resource, information security across multiple domains. It explores basic and high-level concepts and serves as a manual for industry while also helping beginners to understand both basic and advanced aspects in security-related issues. The handbook explores security and privacy issues through the IoT ecosystem and implications to the real world and, at the same time, explains the concepts of IoT-related technologies, trends, and future directions.

Subject: Manufacturing & Processing, Manufacturing Engineering, Security & Auditing, Systems Engineering, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Privacy & Data Protection, Systems & Computer Architecture Design, Computing & IT Security, Computer Science (General), Internet & Multimedia, World Wide Web, Internet & Multimedia - Computing & IT, IT Security Data Preparation & Mining, Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing