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Validity and Reliability in Built Environment Research : A Selection of Case Studies / ian Ahmed, Alex Opoku, Ayokunle Olanipekun, Monty Sutrisna

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780367197803

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Presents case studies that emphasize reliability and validity in different examples of qualitative, quantitative and mixed method data sets, as well as covering action research and grounded theory. The reader is guided through case studies that demonstrate: An understanding of the reliability and validity approaches from social science and built environment perspectives in alignment with the relevant research philosophies, approaches and data collection strategies Real research projects that have been conducted by expert researchers on topics such as Lean, BIM, Housing and Sustainability to answer specific or evolving questions in relation to the reliability and validity of research A simple and easy method that students at Masters and PhD levels can relate to in order to adopt a sound reliability and validity approach to their research

Subject: Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Social Science, Research Methods for Social and Behavioral Sciences, Project Management, Mixed Methods, Facility Management, Social Psychology of Organizations, Building Project Management, Construction Business Management, Construction Economics, Green Construction, Property, Estate and Facilities Management, Industrial Economics, Construction Industry, Engineering Project Management, Mining Construction, Quantitative and Statistical Methods, Qualitative Methods, Case Study and Narrative Analysis, Urban Research Methods