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Unity Networking Fundamentals : Creating Multiplayer Games with Unity / Sloan Kelly, Khagendra Kumar

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-4842-7358-6

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Covers a variety of topics, including accessing data using RESTful APIs, local networked games, and creating multiplayer online games using client-server architecture. It provides the basics of networking, sockets, TCP vs. UDP, client-server architecture, serialization, RESTful APIs, network latency, and client-side prediction. Projects are presented to illustrate the concepts, including a chat client/server overlay for your game, and a 3D maze game that allows up to four players to connect over the network. You Will Learn Know the difference between TCP and UDP, and the pros and cons of these protocols Create client-server multiplayer games in Unity using C# Receive and process data from a remote server using RESTful APIs Understand latency and how to mitigate its impact

Subject: Game Development, Socket Programming, TCP, UDP, Serialization, RESTful APIs